Privacy Notice

Gerber Taylor recognizes the importance of protecting the confidentiality of our investors' nonpublic personal information. In accordance with regulation, Gerber Taylor provides this notice regarding our privacy practices to our investors.

Gerber Taylor collects information about our investors (e.g., an investor's name, address, social security number, account information, assets and income) from the following sources:

  • An investor's subscription documents and other related documents or forms;
  • Transactions with Gerber Taylor, its affiliates or others; and
  • Reports from consumer reporting agencies.

Gerber Taylor allows access to investors' nonpublic personal information to employees to provide products or services. Our employees are required to maintain and protect the confidentiality of investors' nonpublic personal information.

Further, Gerber Taylor will not disclose investors' nonpublic personal information to non-affiliated third parties other than:

  • In connection with our everyday business purposes in providing advisory services and/or effecting client transactions; and
  • As permitted by law and regulation.

Categories of non-affiliated third parties to whom Gerber Taylor may disclose investors' nonpublic personal information include:

  • Financial institutions and service providers—e.g., brokers and fund administrators; and
  • Non-financial companies—e.g., accounting firms and compliance/operational service providers.

Gerber Taylor requires such third-party financial institutions and service providers to protect the confidentiality of our investors' nonpublic personal information and use the information only for the purposes intended.

Disclosures of an investor's nonpublic personal information also may be made where expressly permitted or requested in writing by an investor (or former investor) or as required by law.

Gerber Taylor maintains a variety of safeguards to protect investors' nonpublic personal information. In accordance with applicable law, Gerber Taylor has adopted and implemented a comprehensive Information Security Program that includes appropriate administrative, physical, technical and procedural safeguards to maintain the security of nonpublic personal information, including security measures to protect such information that is stored or transmitted electronically.

Additionally, Gerber Taylor disposes of nonpublic personal information in a secure manner.

Please contact the offices of Gerber Taylor at 901-526-9750 or with any questions about this Privacy Notice.